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Failing is not terrible (失敗不可怕) by Andy Murray (安迪·穆雷)

英国苏格兰网球选手Andy Murray (安迪·穆雷)终于再度在温布顿拿下第二座冠军,生涯的第三座大满贯冠军.这是他第10个网球大满贯决赛,7败3胜,很低的胜率.如果再输,实在很伤…

他的胜率实在很低,在今天的赛后记者访问被问到: 你从之前的失败学到什麽?

On what he learned from previous defeats:
Andy Murray:
“I don’t mind failing, failing is OK as long as you give your best and put your all into it. Failing is not terrible. I put myself into a position to win a lot of these and lost a fair few against some of the world’s best but I have always learned lessons.”

我不介意失败,失败ok只要你给出最佳且付出全力. 失败不可怕. 我让自己有机会赢了几个冠军,输了几场对上世界最佳的球员.但我一直在学习.

100% 同意 (握紧拳头)   Never stop Trying, Never stop Believing, Never Give Up. My day will come!

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