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    2016/10/28 Kenneth 12 评论

I found some good blogs for career growth. 

They share their experience and path.  It worth to read. 





PS: welcome you to join my team group to discuss everything. I will be there on the weekday. 

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  • 咕噜咕噜鱼 评估 2016/10/28

    Thank you for your share。

    PS:My English is too poor to participate in the discussion.

    • Kenneth hired worker 2016/10/29

      To 咕噜咕噜鱼

      This is why you should join us. You can speak in Chinese. It is not  necessary to speak in English. This is just a place where we share and talk.

      Besides,If you want to make your English well, just keep speaking in English and practice a little bit every day just as you are reading my message. Practice make perfect just as your program skills.

      –encourage instead of criticize

    • Kenneth hired worker 2016/10/29

      In addition,  your English should be very well from your message.

      • 咕噜咕噜鱼 评估 2016/10/29

        Your suggestion is very good.I can understand what you mean.
         I admire the programmer, but I’m not a programmer.

        PS:Part of the English I used the translation tool。o(*////▽////*)q

  • 小编辑 编辑 2016/10/28

    Team Group – 404

    • Kenneth hired worker 2016/10/29

      Please try it again. If it doesn’t work, please message me in private.

      I am looking forward to talking to you

      • 小编辑 编辑 2016/10/30


        • Kenneth hired worker 2016/10/31

          Thanks. I know why.  This is because you are in China. The CDN in my page does not work in China. Try it again.