• Keep calm, and then write code

    2016/11/10 Kenneth 5 评论

Trump was elected president of the United States. It makes Silicon Valley so sad and angry.

I likes Anderson Chris’ reaction.  

“Keep calm, and then write code.(保持镇静,继续写程式)” – Anderson Chris, founder of Robotics 3D, author of “the long tail theory”, the former editor of the “connection” magazine。

source — http://www.bestchinanews.com/Science-Technology/5884.html

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  • 行蘅   2016/11/12

    No matter who are USA’s president, no matter you are in USA or China, as a programmer, we should focus on coding.

  • ManKane coder 2016/11/12

    yes,no matter who is the president,we should keep focus on coding!

  • Naval Engineer 程序员 2016/11/13

    The original slogan is “Keep calm and carry on” and there is no “then” in between.

    • Kenneth hired worker 2016/11/14

      They should be different expression. “Keep calm and carry on” means that they are on same time. but “Keep calm, and then write code” means that keep calm first and then write code. There is a certain sequence in his sentence.

      • Naval Engineer 程序员 2016/11/14

        well, I think the British also needed a few seconds first to breath and calm down during German air strikes and then carry on their routine duties.