The other drives should be deployed in a JBOD (“Just a Bunch Of Disks”) configuration with individually mounted ext4 partitions on systems running RHEL6+, Debian 7.x, or SLES11+. In some hardware profiles, individual RAID-0 volumes must be used when a RAID controller is mandatory for that particular machine build. This approach will have the same effect as mounting the drives as individual spindles.
其他磁盘应该部署为一个JBOD(Just a Bunch Of Disks,磁盘簇),使用ext4分区,操作系统为RHEL6+、Debian 7.x、 或 SLES11+。在某些硬件配置文件,单个RAID – 0卷控制器必须使用特定机器构建。这种方法和增加磁盘作为单个主轴具有相同的效果。

individual spindles 应该怎么翻译?

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